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Online Security Tips | 5 tips to stay safe online

With the world going more and more digital by the day , staying safe online is becoming much harder. Lets look at a few ways you can do so.

1. Two Step Factor Authentication

Most applications nowadays has this function available for users to use but its normally turned off by default.

With two step Factor Authentication a text message or alert is send to your phone or device you used to signed up with. The text message gives you a code you then enter to have access to your account. More and more applications are starting to use this like Instagram, Facebook , Banks and a lot of other apps.

2. Update your apps regularly

Although some apps frequently prompt you to update the app , you should actually do so , because the Developer might have seen a security vulnerability that hackers can use to gain access to your accounts so when ever there is an update available do update the application as soon as you can.

3. Don’t use the same password

Don’t use the same password on different accounts because most hackers will try the same password on your accounts if they already know one of your passwords.

4. Limit the amount of personal information you share online

We share a lot of information and sometimes we don’t even notice us doing so.

We share our age , place where we were born , the town we stay in , where we live and where we work. This allows hackers and criminals to use the information and commit fraud.

5. Avoid using Public Wifi

Free Wifi should amazing but sometimes when something is to good to be true it is.

Hackers actually create wifi Hotspots and when you connect to the Hotspot access and steal all your information.

So don’t connect to unknown Hotspot that you don’t know even if its open.

Got any Other tips?

Share some of your own tips below and thank you for reading.


Upgrade in Progress

Hello everyone its been a while since my last post and there’s a reason for that.

I’ve been sitting done thinking about ways to upgrade the quality of my blogs and the topics i discuss.

So here’s the new changes

New posting Schedule

I am going to be posting once a week. Every Monday , to give me enough time to do proper research on the topics i discuss and to have enough time to get back link permissions to related posts to help readers be more informed

New Content Schedule

In the past i posted about everything and anything tech related just when it got announced and released but from now on this will be the new Content Schedule.

Week 1

Online Security , Safety and Tech tips

Week 2

Technology Discussion.

Week 2 I will be discussing new technology or future technology and giving my views about them.

Week 3

Application Discussions and Reviews

Week 3 I will be looking at new and important Applications that are helpful and essential.

Week 4

Scam Discussions

Week 4 I will be exposing scams and applications that you should not download whether its a scam or i virus file.

Thank You

Thank you everyone for the support , for reading , commenting and following my blogs. I really appreciate it.

My next blog post will be Monday about Online Security Tips

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Why Magsafe is important to Apple.

Its about 3 months after the iPhone 12 was Announced and looking back at the Announcement, they spend a lot of time talking about Magsafe , but why?

What is Magsafe

IPhone 12 using wireless charging via Magsafe.

Magsafe is the technology Apple use in the IPhone 12 to allow the device to charge wireless. They even launched a lot of Magsafe compatible accessories for users to buy.

Why Magsafe is important

We all know by now that the IPhone 12 didn’t really come with a lot of changes it just received a few of small software improvements and one or two hardware improvements. Apple actually spent more time talking about Magsafe and the compatible accessories and less time on talking about the IPhone 12 at the 2020 announced.

Magsafe compatable accessories

Here’s why.

Apple is possibly planning to get rid of the charging port in 2021 or 2022 and that could explain why they didn’t even include a charging brick in the box in 2020 with the IPhone 12. Yes it was also a shady way of earning extra money because if you never own a iPhone you had to buy a charging brick as well which cost about $100 extra.

Apple will possibly say that getting rid of the charging port will make the devices more waterproof and make room for a bigger battery or a bigger processing chip. They will also exclude the usb cable in the box if they remove the charging port , which will save them more than $50 per device.

Magsafe and the future of iPhone

Magsafe is the future of iPhone, i am sure Apple is working as fast as they can to make sure they can perfect the Magsafe charging technology so they can sell more wireless charger to consumers as an extra accessory and they will have to buy it or they won’t be able to charge their devices.


Things Samsung does not want you to know

I was planning to do a comparison between the Samsung S21 vs the S20 , but came across something greedy that Samsung is doing.

Samsung S21

The S21 ultra starting from $1200

The new S21 line by Samsung was just announced last week and this is what we know about it so far.

The S21 line up will consist of three ranges the S21 , S21 + and a S21 ultra. A comparison between the S21 and S20 will be coming soon ,but lets take a look at some greedy practices implemented by Samsung.

The S20 is discontinued

Samsung discontinued the S20 so they can sell more S21 devices. They will be launching the S21 line up for a lower price compared to the launch price the of the S20 line up.

Smaller Box with No charger.

Samsung is following the trend of a lot of other smartphone creators by making the box the phone come in smaller.

The box only ships with the device , and usb cable . No charger is included in the box and that means you will have to pay extra for a charger. You also have to buy your own earphones, because the AKG earphones which were included last year are not included this year.

No more external storage

With the S21 , Samsung removed the micro sd card slot , so this mean no more using sd cards with the new devices.

No more Curved Edges

The S21’s design has now been updated to a flat design with no curved edges the S-line was known for. This will save Samsung a lot of money and time that they normally would spend on manufacturing the screen with the edge present.

Is the new Samsung worth buying.

With the new changes to the S21 line the S-line lost its iconic design and looks just like any other Android device . No the S21 is not worth the price and worth buying. Rumors are out that the Samsung S20 will be produced again a month or 2 after the S21 is available for purchase, so if you can wait for the S20 line to be produced again the price will be much lower and it has basically the same features as the S21 line.

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Why Session Private Messaging is the most underrated Instant Messaging App

Session Private Messaging is the best and most underrated Instant Messaging Application, its has a lot of security features and your privacy is their priority.

Top Session features

Session has so much features i would be able to write over 10000 in this post but ill keep it short. Here’s the top 5 Session Private Messaging features.

No cellphone number required to sign up.

Unlike other Instant Messaging Apps , that require your phone number in order for you to create an account, with Session they don’t prompt you for a phone number. Session also uses a unique Session Id for you to add other users as a contact , so that means even if someone has you has a contact they don’t have your phone number unless you give it to them.

Hidden IP address

With other Instant Messaging Apps they use your IP address to send and receive messages. Session bounces your IP address through several Service Nodes. This makes it harder for people to locate you using your IP address.

Screen Security

With Screen Security no one can take screenshots of your chats so even if your phone is hacked and spyware is installed, the hacker won’t be able to see anything on your Session App.

Incognito keyboard

When Incognito Keyboard is enabled your words you use most are not saved to your keyboard , so even your keyboard doesn’t know what you like do chat about.

Encrypted notifications

With Encrypted notifications your notifications won’t go through Google notifications like other Instant Messaging but will bounce through different servers.

No metadata is stored

Other Instant Messaging Apps uses metadata to store your IP address, IP addresses of those you communicate with and the time and date communication takes place.

So why is Session so underrated

The different application stores promote the other applications that does not contain these features inorder to allow for censorship and tracking of the users and their data.

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5 Disadvantages of blogging

Like most things blogging has disadvantages. Let’s look at some of them. (I also posted on the advantages of blogging , here .)

Time consuming

Blogging can be very time consuming. The whole process , writing , research, etc. can be very time consuming so you need to have patience.


If you are serious about blogging and want to be a fulltime blogger you will have invest in it and that can get expensive. Marketing for your blog , domain costs , joining a blogging community , data costs to do research and paid plans for some blogging platforms to allow you to access special tools to help you grow. Those are just some of the most common costs of blogging.


Blogging can be stressful and depressing if you are trying to grow your blog but its going nowhere. It can be depressing feeling that you wasted 3-4 hours of your time just to get no views on your posts.

Growth is slow

Growthing your following is one of the most common goals most people have when starting a blog, but growth is slow you won’t get 10 000 after just posting one post , maybe not even after posting for a year.

Blogging is SEO sensitive

Search engines optimization is basically the process used to make sure your content displays when someone is searching for content similar to yours. The better your website or blog is ranked on SEO ranking the higher your content will show up on a search result.

So why blog?

Blogging should not be seen only as a way to make money but seen as a way to Express yourself and share your ideas and interests with others.

A lot of people follow someone’s content because they are interested in the topics discussed and they share a common interest with the content creator.

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Why you should delete WhatsApp

Its official ,after receiving this popup on WhatsApp i know now that the rumors are true. WhatsApp is updating their privacy policy, but what does this mean.

New privacy policy

WhatsApp will be enforcing a new privacy policy that will be in affect from the 8th of February 2021.

What does this new policy change?

The policy change came after months of pressure from the u.s. government to change the policy to remove privacy on the app so the content on the app can monitored for terrorism and other criminal discussions. WhatsApp inc. has finally caved and is changing the policy but they are taking it one step further.

Not only can the government see your content and information but also third parties and businesses. This mean that more businesses will be able to contact you using your details and the possibility for ad placement on WhatsApp is also now possible. So basically WhatsApp is selling your information just like the other social media services.

This also means that the possibility that your account can be hacked is higher and is easily to do so.

What are alternatives to WhatsApp.

Most people are concerned with reason and that’s why they are moving to other alternatives.

Here’s a few other alternatives that does not share your information with anyone and keeps your information save.


Telegram is the most popular alternative app that people are moving to. Over 500 million people downloaded telegram and it has a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 stars with 6 million people reviewing this app on the Playstore alone. The app also sends messages faster and is more secure than WhatsApp.


Signal is another alternative to WhatsApp with highlight features being end to end encryption , they dont save any records of the users and you can set self destruction messages, which will delete messages automatically after the specific time you set it to delete. Signal is used by celebrities also , with Elon Musk being one. Elon Musk tweeted that people who fear about the changes WhatsApp is making in their new privacy policy should delete WhatsApp and download Signal instead.


Session is the most under rated and least talked about of the 3 alternatives mentioned in this post. Session only has 100 000 downloads on Google play store.

Session is the most secure of all 3 alternatives mentioned. They don’t require your phone number nor your email to sign up and they protect your ip address making it very hard to hack your account and your device.

Which one should you download?

I would highly recommend you download Session since it is the most secure and respects your privacy.

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How often should you post?

This is a question most content creators ask themselves. It’s a question i tried to find the answer to by doing some self research.

Post Frequency

When starting a blog i recommend you should post daily for 2 weeks at least to help you grow an audience. After you have grown an audience you can start uploading every second day , to give yourself time to write blogs and do research on topics.

Posting too often

So you probably think the more you post the more views and followers you will get , but posting to frequently like more than 2 times a day can actually annoy your followers and make people who follow you unfollow you.

What Time Should You Post

Depending on the location of your audience you should schedule your post to when you audience is awake to increase the chances of your post being viewed.

What should you upload

Deciding on what to post is very important. Certain topics are very popular and can boost your views for a limited time but it will change your audience to that certain topic and once you started with something your audience will keep expecting certain content from you.

What niche should you upload

Niches are very important when deciding to start a blog. Niches will influence the amount of views you receive, the followers and the potential ad revenue you can earn on your content. Niches like food receive more followers but business niches receive more ad revenue.

What topics should you upload?

Uploading popular topics will get you more views but your audience will see if your not interested in the topics your discussing and your following will decrease.

Blogging Tips

  • Stick to your niche.
  • Blog about what interests you.
  • Uploading too frequently can be bad.
  • Uploading popular topics does not always mean your following will increase.
  • Upload your posts according to your audience.
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Wifi Or Sim Card

When deciding to buy data most users think about to major option, buying a Wifi router with X amount of data on the data plan or even uncapped and connecting devices to it or buying a sim card with a data plan. Both have specific benefits and advantages here’s some of the most common.

Advantages of wifi

  • Wifi has more consistent download speeds compared to a sim cards download speeds.
  • Wifi is usually less expensive than a sim card with the same data plan.

Disadvantages of wifi

  • When there’s a power outage your wifi goes off unless you have a generator .
  • The connection range is very limited.
  • Download speeds drop the more devices you connect.
  • Not as mobile as a sim card.

Advantages of sim cards

  • You can travel anywhere with your sim and still access the internet if you have signal.
  • The average download speed is higher compared to Wifi download speeds.
  • Download speeds stay the same even if you connect more users.
  • No router required to access the internet.
  • The connection range is much bigger than the range of wifi.
  • You can still access the internet even if you have a power outage.

Disadvantages of sim cards

  • The average cost of data is much higher compared to wifi data.
  • The download speeds are not very consistent.
  • Certain objects like trees and mountains can block and impact the signal received.

Which is best?

Sim cards are better in my opinion. Their more mobile and the coverage is much better and not limited to your office or home where you placed the router.

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Why making money online is HARD.

In today’s world we all want to move away from manual labour and work online. Making money online is possible today but its very time consuming and there’s so many requirements.

High Requirements

Each year the requirements to start earning revenue become higher and higher to limit the amount of money conpanies have to spend on this tasks and content to be completed.

Another reason why it becomes higher is because a lot of people abuse the systems. They create multiple accounts to earn more revenue and some even sell their accounts to other users.

Requirements are also higher to limit the amount of money people earn who use bots to get views and subscribers or followers.

Ways to make money online

In 2020 the number of people seeking to work online is up by 40% compared to 2019.

Here’s some ways people can earn money online:

  • Complete Surveys.
  • Create and Post content.
  • Freelancing work.
  • Translating documents from one language to another.
  • Sponsored posts.
  • Sell e-books.

The above mentioned ways people earn money can be very profitable but it is very time consuming and the amount of money you can earn is not fixed.

Is working online worth it

Working Online is very convenient if your employed by a company that allows you to work from home , your living the dream. Most people are not employed by a company that allows them to work from home and seek to earn an extra income by working online. To me the ways mentioned earlier are to time consuming and sometimes you don’t even earn a lot of money if any.